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New Non-halogen Flame Retardant for Polyurethane Foam Industrilzation of DAIGUARD-600 Series
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It is absolutely essential to use polyurethane foam for car seats or cushion materials for furniture. But the resin density is low and the resin is combustible.
Flame resistance based on synergy of phosphorus (solid phase) and halogen (gas phase) has been studied, and condensed halo-phosphate ester developed is often used at present. But under the circumstances where the awareness on environmental problems, stemming from dioxin problems in recent years, is growing, development of high-efficiency non-halogen flame retardants are called for in the market. In addition, the scorching resistant and fogging resistant properties of moldings are important for flame retardants, to say nothing of flame resisting property. Another limiting factor is that liquid type flame retardant is recommended because of its easy handling during foaming. Due to such factors, because non-halogen flame retardants now available don't possess all the properties mentioned above, halo-phosphate ester is often used focusing on its high flame retardant effect under the current situation.
Hence, we noted the molecular skeleton forming phosphate ester and invented DAIGUARD-600 series, non-halogen flame retardants having specific molecular structure, after deliberation and launched them into the market.These reactive flame retardants DAIGUARD-600 series provide excellent enzyme blocking effect on foam surface phase during combustion, and also have sufficient heat resisting, scorch resisting, and fogging resisting properties.
In developing the industrial methods of DAIGUARD-600 series, only slight modification of the existing facilities enables production of DAIGUARD-600, and the efficient manufacturing method without post-treatment using acid or alkali or by washing with water can be adopted from the standpoint of reduction in load to the environment. Accordingly, we successfully reduced the amount of industrial water used and achieved no load to the biological treatment.
We think that development of DAIGUARD-600 may certainly contribute to society through its high capabilities and as a clue for solving environmental problems.


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