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Chemline Introduces Chemthane 3300 Industrial Acrylic Polyurethane Coating
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Chemline announces a breakthrough in acrylic coating technology with the Chemthane 3300. This unique acrylic/polyurethane is a high gloss, chemical-resistant coating that offers outstanding gloss and a smooth finish to a variety of industrial and commercial substrates.

Chemthane 3300 is a high solids, low VOC, low odor coating. It is formulated in a 1:3 mix ratio with a pigmented acrylic enamel and a polyisocyanate hardener. The product can be applied with a brush or roller. Or, for the best results, it can be sprayed using a single component airless pump.

Chemthane 3300 offers superior gloss retention technology that supersedes historical expectations of acrylic polyurethanes. Additional features include exceptional resistance to acids, alkalis, humidity and salts commonly found in industrial applications.

Designed for new construction or maintenance use over prepared and primed substrates in industrial environments, applications include steel fabricated parts tanks, pipelines, equipment, machinery, select marine structures, hand rails and many other industrial surfaces requiring painting. Recommended substrates include steel, iron, galvanizing, aged fiberglass, concrete, masonry and wood.

Chemthane 3300 is available in five-gallon pails and in a wide variety of colors.



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