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BASF Light Stabilizer Uvinul 5050 H Receives FDA Approval for Use in Plastics
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Uvinul 5050 H, a light stabilizer supplied by BASF, has been granted a Food Contact Notification (FCN) by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This allows Uvinul 5050 H to be used in polyolefins that come into contact with food. Examples include woven tape bags like big bags for flour and grain, packaging films and milk containers. The requirements and definitions laid down in 21 CFR 177.1520 of FDA must be observed when Uvinul? 5050 H is used as a light stabilizer in polyolefins in contact with food.

Uvinul 5050 H is a sterically hindered amine. It prevents plastics from degrading by scavenging the free radicals that are formed when plastics are exposed to ultraviolet light thus rendering them harmless.

As well as being an excellent choice for food-packaging applications, Uvinul 5050 H also performs very well in fibers, greenhouse films and injection-molded parts. Uvinul? 5050 H has the advantage that very little water is carried over in the manufacture of plastic tapes, it has little interaction with fluorinated elastomers and it has excellent compatibility with pigments. It is supplied in free-flowing, low-dusting form, which makes it clean and easy to process.

Uvinul 5050 H is a new addition to BASF’s extensive range of light stabilizers with approval for use in food-contact applications.


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