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VERSIFY Plastomers and Elastomers Set New Performance Standards for Stretch Hood Wrapping
Updated: 2005-04-06 00:00 Source: share:

A rigorous testing programme has confirmed that VERSIFY* Plastomers and Elastomers from The Dow Chemical Company, launched in 2004, deliver significant performance advantages in film formulations for stretch hoods.

The tests showed that the addition of VERSIFY to other Dow products in the film, even when reduced from 100 to 80 microns, led to improved tear resistance, shorter welding times and enhanced stability for full pallet loads.

Dow worked with leading German machine manufacturer Moellers to carry out the tests. Moellers sales manager Norbert Frenzel, described the process: "We have our own testing facilities, and set out to determine whether we could get better performance in terms of safety, stability and appearance while using less film.

"We successfully tried different film sizes, thicknesses and compositions to cover the different end use packaging requirements. The evaluation showed that the stretch hood structures based on Dow technology resulted in a very short welding time, and we were able almost immediately to force the film for stretch.

"It had the best appearance that we have ever achieved with stretch hoods, and there was very impressive load stability. We conducted a tilting test with a 2.1 metre high pallet of heavy duty shipping sacks at an angle of 23 degrees; there was no shifting of the load at all. This was a very impressive load stability test.

"Overall, we were able to get much better results using the stretch hood film based on Dow technology than we had expected. We were surprised by the results, which were certainly superior to other materials," said Mr. Frenzel.

Dow's VERSIFY product director Ralf Brinkmann said: "Moellers' experience has once again confirmed the strong performance characteristics of VERSIFY in stretch film applications, including an excellent balance between modulus and elasticity, outstanding tear and puncture resistance, and great optical properties. Moellers' tests show how effective VERSIFY has been at 'raising the bar' for performance standards in an important mainstream application.

"Resins from the VERSIFY portfolio have already shown the potential to provide processing, handling and performance benefits in a surprisingly wide range of packaging applications, from highly specialized specifications delivering high coating gloss and transparency to broad-range benefits such as structural strength and flexibility," said Dow's Brinkmann.

The successful stretch hood collaboration between Dow and Moellers will be demonstrated at Interpack, from April 21 - 27 in Duesseldorf, where Moellers will be running film structure based on VERSIFY polymers on its machines at Hall 12, Stand C04.


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