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Soft Elastic TPUs and K-Series of HUNTSMAN
Updated: 2005-04-14 00:00 Source: share:

Huntsman Polyurethanes has launched a new range of soft elastic TPUs which are plasticiser-free and suitable for injection-moulding, extrusion and calendering applications.  The materials are available in the Shore A55-70 Hardness range and display
excellent elasticity, resilience, tactile qualities and processability.  Polyether and polyester variantsare available.

Huntsman polyurethanes has extended it's Irogran K-Series Range of High Performance Injection-Moulding TPUs and can now offer polycaprolactone, polyether and polycarbonate variants of the materials in the Shore A85-95  Hardness Range.  The materials display excellent high temperature performance,  dynamic performance, wear resistance, compression set and processability and are suitable for applications such
as seals, wheels and rollers, coupling halfs ando-rings. 


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