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WOODSTALKTM Core to Herman Miller's Line of Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Products
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Employers who value the health and well-being of the environment and their employees can improve both by utilizing a line of eco-friendly workstations, fabrics and materials by Herman Miller.

Four of Herman Miller's current product lines - Ethospace®Prospects®Action Office®, and Abak™ Environments - provide customers with the option of selecting sustainable, recyclable, and renewable resources as component materials, including work surfaces and wood products. WOODSTALK Gold MR Fiberboard is offered exclusively as a standard option for the horizontal work surface on the panel, frame and tile, and desk-based systems.

WOODSTALK Gold MR Fiberboard is made from abundant, annually renewable wheat straw and is manufactured using polyurethane resin as a binder, in place of the conventional formaldehyde binders found in MDF or particleboard. The result is a strong, smooth and lightweight finished fiberboard that is also moisture-resistant with no added formaldehyde.

"Increasingly, our customers are specifying products that minimize environmental impact while creating interior environments for employees that focus on health and productivity," said Herman Miller Environmental Affairs Manager, Paul Murray. "WOODSTALK enables us to provide both of these critical benefits in a way that is both economical and intrinsically attractive."

Murray stated that WOODSTALK was put through the company's exhaustive product quality testing using Herman Miller's comprehensive DfE (Design for Environment) protocol. "In the past we struggled to find a wheat board source that met our stringent requirements for quality and performance, including our 12 year warranty, but we found it in WOODSTALK from Dow BioProducts."

"Not all wheat board is created equal. Not only does it perform as well as traditional particle board, but because WOODSTALK can contribute to LEED credits this was another important point in our decision to use the product," Murray continued. "As the market for green interiors continues to grow so too does the number of individuals trained in the LEED system. Having a product line that can help our customers obtain LEED credits for their projects is a unique and important competitive advantage." LEED accreditation is based on WOODSTALK's alternative to urea-formaldehyde binders, as well as its rapidly renewable material and recognition as post-industrial recycled content.

Herman Miller first announced their application of WOODSTALK in furniture product lines during NeoCon 2004, an industry tradeshow for architects and interior designers. For NeoCon 2005, Herman Miller and Dow BioProducts - the manufacturer of WOODSTALK -- will both participate at the event, showcasing designs from the workstation groups in their booths.

"When Herman Miller's Design for Environment team evaluated products for their sustainable line of workstations, WOODSTALK clearly surfaced as the superior choice," stated David Ray, Vice President of Victor S. Barnes Company. "As a distributor for WOODSTALK, we've seen steady increase in demand for this product, especially over the past six months, and a large part of that can be attributed to the increased demand for eco-friendly workstations. We're very excited about the continued opportunity for growth that WOODSTALK products provide."

"Herman Miller is recognized as an industry leader in environmental responsibility and welcomes the opportunity to work with companies that embrace sustainability," concluded Murray. "With two companies so clearly focused on the triple bottom line - financial, environmental, and social equity - we've been able to come together and offer a product that helps our customers and our world."


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