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Traffideck’® waterproofs concrete bridge in Finland in just five days
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Waterproofing large areas of concrete bridges in poor weather conditions can be a problem, so when a motorway bridge in the city of Oulu in Finland required waterproofing, Hyperlast’s ‘Traffideck’® was selected to enable the entire job to be completed in just five days.

‘Traffideck’ enabled 2,000 square metres of concrete to be primed, sprayed and finished during a five-day period by MJS-Group of Jaala. As well as enabling the work to be carried out fast due to poor weather conditions, ‘Traffideck’s polyurethane membrane provides longer lasting waterproof protection than traditional materials, especially when used over such large areas.  This area in Finland frequently experiences temperatures as low as -40 degrees C and this was a key factor in the choice of Traffideck for its crack bridging capabilities at such low temperatures.

Intricate details including upstands, drains, parapets and barriers were sealed and waterproofed using the ‘Traffideck’ system applied by spray, all covered by the comprehensive ‘Traffideck’ guarantee. Due to it curing instantly, the specified thickness is achieved within seconds, unlike conventional types of waterproofing.‘Traffideck’ Grip 1000 also ensured that the overlay of the running surface was given a "shear key".

As ‘Traffideck’ is quick to install and can withstand traffic within hours of application, it minimises the need to close roads, bridges, footpaths, car parks or other areas. It provides excellent flexibility and crack bridging properties and is guaranteed for 10 years when applied by approved contractors.

It also available in a choice of colours, so can be integrated into the décor of open spaces and indoor malls to improve the appearance of public areas. Surface markings can also be applied easily to designate traffic lanes, pedestrian pathways or parking bays.

Specialist polyurethane designer and manufacturer, Hyperlast Limited is renowned for the design and manufacture of its specialist polyurethane systems, which are used in engineering applications including construction, oil and gas, automotive, insulation and protection. Part of the British Vita group, Hyperlast’s surfacing systems are used worldwide for bridges, car parks, car ferry decks and shopping malls.


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