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Dammam7 Signs Agreement to Start New Butanol Plant in KSA
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The factory is to be commissioned in 2008 and will have an annual manufacturing capacity of 80,000 metric tonnes.

A first in the Middle East region, the plant will be part of a petrochemical complex with a target of manufacturing 200,000 metric tonnes of acrylic acid and its derivatives, which is a key factor in the Saudi downstream industry.

It was announced that Dammam 7 has chosen LP Oxo Selector 30 Technology with Normax Catalyst for the new Jubail facility.

"In evaluating various technology options, we sought an Oxo process that would not only provide the most cost-effective means of producing butanol, but one that was supported with demonstrated technical and operational expertise," explained Bader Abdulaziz Kanoo, chairman and managing director, Dammam 7: "The company selected Dow because of its international reputation for technological expertise in the field of petrochemical manufacturing engineering," he added.

Kanoo said that Dammam7 had earlier concluded several agreements with some companies from Europe, America and China to set up plants in Jubail-1 for manufacturing acrylic acid and butanol and their derivatives at a total cost of SR1.5 billion.

The company's products, particularly propylene, play a significant role in the petrochemical industry in the Kingdom besides exporting to the regional and international markets

"The Dammam 7 plant will be the 32nd project to rely on LP Oxo Process Technology licensed from DPT and UCC," said David Tomlinson, president of DPT.

More than 60 per cent of the global production of butyraldehydes comes from plants using LP Oxo Technology.

LP Oxo Process Technology is a low-pressure hydroformylation process that uses propylene and synthesis gas to produce normal and iso-butyraldehydes.

These butyraldehydes are then converted into normal and iso-butanol, as well as other derivatives.




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