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Lanxess invests in Chemical Valley
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Lanxess has spent $70 million on an expansion project to increase butyl production by 42 per cent.

“It’s a big deal for us,” said spokesperson Bernie Taylor.

Details of the expansion will be released July 5 and 6 during two days of events with Axel C. Heitmann, chairman of

the Lanxess board of management.

A dedication ceremony is scheduled followed by invitation-only tours of the plant.

Company information calls the Lanxess Sarnia site the world’s most modern butyl facility.

Globally, Lanxess has expanded capacity at its other butyl manufacturing facilities, including a 10 per cent capacity increase at Antwerp, Belgium this past year.

No new jobs will be created at this time as a result of the added capacity in Sarnia, Taylor said.

The local Lanxess plant has a long history, starting out as the Polymer Corporation in 1944 when it began making butyl rubber.

By 1973, the plant was known as Polysar and the company had developed the first commercial high-volume process for making tires.

Commercial production of chlorobutyl rubber followed in 1980.

Bayer AG acquired Polysar in 1990 and undertook a $150-million butyl expansion at the Sarnia site in 2000.


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