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Dow Introduces FINGERPRINT Polyethylene Resins For Micro-Irrigation Applications
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The Dow Chemical Company introduces an effective way to increase the performance of micro-irrigation systems while helping to reduce the amount of water lost to leakage. FINGERPRINT polyethylene resins were developed for demanding micro-irrigation hose and tubing applications, such as landscaping and agriculture. FINGERPRINT polyethylene resins can provide fewer leaks and cracks in properly manufactured micro-irrigation hose and tubing, helping to reduce water loss during irrigation. This is consistent with Dow's commitment to sustainability and, in particular, water -- a scarce and precious resource.
FINGERPRINT polyethylene resins were developed to stand the test of time in both agricultural and landscaping applications? says Heather Turner, North American market manager for Plastic Pipe, The Dow Chemical Company. Now demonstrates confidence in these materials by including an invisible trace element in FINGERPRINT polyethylene resins that acts as a marker, making it possible to verify the presence of Dow  polyethylene resins in tube and drip tape years after installation.
Manufacturers of micro-irrigation equipment can verify that their tubing and drip tape includes FINGERPRINT polyethylene resins by sending a sample to Dow laboratories. The verification process involves isolating the trace element. The trace element helps to ensure that micro-irrigation customers receive only the quality, consistency and high performance associated with Dow products.
Micro-irrigation is an effective way to lower costs and conserve water, according to Turner. FINGERPRINT polyethylene resins offer manufacturers an opportunity to produce some of the highest quality and longest lasting products in the micro-irrigation industry.
Dow offers a broad portfolio of FINGERPRINT polyethylene resins?  the most recent evolution of the series launched by Union Carbide Corporation ?suitable for landscaping and agriculture micro-irrigation, including:
FINGERPRINT MDPE 7520 MDPE bi-modal resin ?New technology available this year, provides excellent drawdown characteristics, high tensile strength and elongation properties as well as resistance to slow crack growth. The Excellent burst strength and puncture resistance make it ideal for use in drip tape with applications primarily in agriculture.
FINGERPRINT DFDA-7510 Linear Low Density Polyethylene Resin With excellent environmental stress crack resistance, burst strength and good extrusion characteristics, is ideal for use in micro-irrigation tubing for orchards, vineyards and landscapes.
FINGERPRINT DFDC-7525 MDPE Resin With high tensile strength and elongation, excellent toughness balanced with extrusion ease, it has been widely used in thin-wall tape applications for many years. This proven performer also has excellent puncture resistance and burst strength properties.

FINGERPRINT 7520 is the newest addition to the group being launched this year. This is the first bimodal FINGERPRINT Resin and offers some unique properties for both manufacturers and farmers, adds Turner.


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