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Methanol Price tend to decline in Southwest China
Updated: 2010-03-26 00:00 Source: share:
PUWORLD(2010-3-26)——The methanol facilities in southwest China kept low operation. Specifically, China Sichuan Jiangyou’s 100kt/y methanol facility was still shut down with no definite date to restart. Sichuan Lutianhua Company Limited’s 445kt/ton facility restarted to generate methanol last week. Meanwhile, 350kt/ton facility located at Chongqing operated smoothly at 80% with reasonable stockpiles. Their methanol was mainly supplied to the contract customers. Therefore, only a little methanol was sold on market.
However, as local demand rose slowly, and great amounts of inexpensive methanol from northwest ran into Chongqing, the local methanol market was influenced a lot. As a result, the local methanol stockpiles were increased while the quotation was decreased to the scope of Rmb2450-2550/ton. As yet, the mainstream offers for the southwest sources delivered by train to Sichuan and Chongqing was declined to the range of Rmb2500-2550/ton.


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