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Wanhua HDI Capacity to Reach Above 10kt/y
Updated: 2010-06-01 00:00 Source: share:
PUWORLD(2010-6-1)——It is known that Yantai Wanhua’s HDI facility, with an estimated capacity exceeds 10 kt/y, is under construction for the moment.
For years, the company has been committed to the common development of various isocyanates production lines, especially the diversification of products. News came that the company’s 1000t/y HMDI facility has finished pilot test and expanded to 3000t/y in May this year. Its IPDI capacity will also expand in the future.
Mr. Ding Jian Sheng, Chairman of the Wanhua Industrial Group revealed that in the first quarter of this year, one-quarter of the profits was contributed by high-end non-MDI products. The company will continue to expand its product portfolio so that to become the most competitive producer in MDI industry.


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