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Bayer Shanghai 250ktpa TDI Plant Put Into Production
Updated: 2011-11-17 00:00 Source: share:
PUWORLD (2011-11-17)—Bayer Material Science TDI ceremony & Bayer Shanghai integrated base and Shanghai polymer science and research development center 10 anniversary ceremony is held at Shanghai integrated basis. A lot of top-level leaders in Bayer group attended this activity.
Bayer Shanghai integrated base TDI plant started in October, 2008 and its highest capacity is expected to reach 300kt. This factory will use Bayer’s innovative gas phase phosgenation technology. It is expected to reach 250kt capacity at the mid of next year. This technology is also able to cut down 80% of solvent consumption in the massive plant production and 60% energy consumption. It could also save 20% of investment cost and 60kt carbon dioxide emission.
Bayer Shanghai integrated base is the largest investment project outside German and the most important production base. Many key world-class plants are included like: polycarbonate, PU and PU coating raw materials. Bayer material science will expand its capacity further and total investment is expected to exceed 3 billion in 2016.
Bayer Shanghai polymer science & research development center is built on November 2th, 2011 and is the major innovative center as well as the component of Bayer science and technology global research and development network. It strived to provide resolution for Chinese and Asia & Pacific major market customer.


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