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Coim Showcases its Range of LARIPUR Phthalate-free & Transparent TPU Innovations
Updated: 2012-05-11 09:48 Source: PUWORLD独家发布 share:

Coim, one of the global polyurethane chemicals producers is showcasing a wide range of new LARIPUR thermoplastic polyurethanes at the ongoing Plast 2012 event (May 8-12) in Milan, Italy.

The new products include LARIPUR 5018B, a soft plasticized TPU that has been developed to satisfy the request of a soft touch and high grip material to be used for toll's handles and footwear application. It is phthalate free and able to combine a very low hardness with good process-ability. The product belongs to the 18 Series of LARIPUR plasticized TPU, transparent grades able to maintain the glossy aesthetics lasting much longer than similar products in the marketplace.

LARIPUR 9325EG is a 93A TPU which exhibit both clarity and excellent transparency. It is used for air bag production of sport and leisure shoes and extrusion of high pressure hoses, flexible spiral hose and extruded film and sheet.

LARIPUR 8040 for melt coat and powder coat applications, exhibits low melting temperature and good physical properties. It is proposed for productions of conveyor belts and coated fabrics.

LARIPUR 7260GF and LARIPUR 7325GF, respectively ether and ester based TPU with glass fiber reinforcement. They achieve high Flexural Modulus values while maintaining good impact properties and good surface aesthetics along with excellent adhesion to softer TPU.

LPR 7711, a very high stiff engineering TPU with Flexural Modulus similar to engineering plastics. It's designed for injection moulding process and for compounding as basis for blends and alloys. Excellent chemical resistance to fuels, oil and grease.

LARIPUR 9060HFM, the non halogenated flame retardant material, has achieved the UL-94 V-0 rating at 0,75 mm thickness. It is used for cable coating, hose and tubing and film application.


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