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2012 China's PPG Market Analysis Report
Updated: 2012-12-07 15:51 Source: PUWORLD独家发布 share:

Affected by weak macro-economy, insipid end demand abroad and slowing domestic demand, PO and PPG markets are generally weak in 2012. Early this year, driven by international oil price, propylene and PO prices went up. PPG price even reached highest level of above Rmb 15000/ton. But then as demands remain weak, PPG price fell to Rmb 11000/ton, lowest in recent two years.

Supply and demand contradiction presents sharp in PO market. Import volume of PO edged up year by year since 2007. The number exceeded 300 kt in 2010 and is predicted to reach 500 kt by end of this year. Since chlorohydrination method has been inserted to “Elimination List” according to the twelfth “five-year” plan, there will be some shutdown of PO facility in China in the next few years and meanwhile several large-scale PO facilities to be put into operation.

Viewing from end-use industry, auto, upholstered furniture and home appliance grow fast in the past 10 years, with compound growth rate reached 10-20%, especially auto industry. Although construction industry is limited these years, its development potential is immeasurable.

This report analyzes prospect of PPG market through SWOT analysis, cost analysis, value chain analysis, supply-demand analysis, demand structure development analysis and general demand theory analysis.

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