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Cangzhou Dahua to Raise 1 bn for TDI Expansion and Raw Materials Self-Support
Updated: 2012-12-21 14:41 Source: PUWORLD独家发布 share:

PUWORLD (2012-12-21)——Cangzhou Dahua has eyed burst of sales and sales volume in terms of TDI business. To ensure TDI expansion and self-sufficiency of raw materials , Cangzhou Dahua is planning to raise Rmb 1 billion initial public offerings for four projects, including 50 ktpa TDI technological transformation, DNT technological transformation, 135 ktpa nitric acid project and 160 ktpa ionic membrane caustic soda project.

TDI technological transformation, core of this fund-raising project, aims to lift TDI capacity to 80 ktpa as well as make rational technical optimization, cutting cost per point down further, total investment of TDI project amounts to Rmb 446.1381 million, with period for recovery of 5.49 years (AT, including capital construction period) and internal rate of return of 25.43% (AT).

DNT technological transformation project targets for capacity to 88.45 ktpa. DNT projects and another two are designed for meeting self-sufficiency of raw materials for TDI production.

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