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2012 China’s PMDI Market Analysis Report
Updated: 2012-12-21 16:49 Source: PUWORLD独家发布 share:

China’s macro-economy growth is slowing down while chemistry industry moving up due to rising cost of crude oil. Conflicts between these two facts have broken supply/demand balance, meanwhile bringing down revenue growing and narrowing profit space. Differed from overall chemistry industry, polymeric MDI market has presented an upside picture since early this year, which was mainly stimulated by policy of conducting sales completely base on the production. However, since economy keep sliding, downstream refrigerator market has lost support from stimulus policies, markets like real estate and building insulation coming down below original expectation, how will PMDI suppliers institute new production and marketing policies? Would market prices maintain at level of this year? This report summarizes annual polymeric MDI market and makes forecast on supply/demand situation in the future years as well as gives reasonable pricing mechanisms.

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