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2012 China’s PU Rigid Foam Market Analysis Report
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This year polyurethane market still exhibits the upside but growth rate has distinctly slowed down due to weakening end industries and unstable raw materials prices. Strict requirements into wall exterior insulation have put a negative coat on wall exterior insulation materials development meanwhile pushes up systems qualities and accelerates development of inflaming retarding PPG. Bio-polyether gradually goes on the stage, widening development space for rigid foam systems market. Producers speed up construction of systems houses and lift integration capability following BASF and Wanhua. However, traditional systems players have to adapt themselves to the jumpy environment and take a new look at this industry.

This report gives analysis and statistics of demand, consumption, growth and profit, development-related influences and purchasing characteristics. At the same time, further explanations on major players and downstream applications are introduced.

2012 China's Rigid Foam Market Analysis Report Outline.pdf


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