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Polyurethane curative methyl-bischloroaniline(MOCA) facing restrictions in EU
Updated: 2013-01-18 16:30 Source: rubbernews share:

HELSINKI, Finland—The European Chemicals Agency has added the polyurethane curative methyl-bischloroaniline, known as MOCA, to its list of substances facing restrictions on their use.

MOCA is still in wide use globally, although the European polyurethanes sector anticipated the ECHA action and has taken steps to develop and commercialize alternatives chemicals.

Also on the "candidate list" list is "technical MDA," methylene diamine, described as a reaction product of formaldehyde with aniline.

For each substance recommended for inclusion in Annex XIV,ECHA notes, a sunset date is suggested after which companies only will be able to use it within the European Union if an authorization has been granted.

Both MOCA and technical MDA are classified as Class 1B carcinogens, meaning the may cause cancer.

MDA already is on the authorization list. MDA is an intermediate produced in the manufacture of MDI, methylene diphenyl diisocyanate, but not isolated. Technical MDA and MDA are both used as polymer curatives, particularly as a hardener for epoxy resins and adhesives.

Also on the latest list is dimethyl acetamide, used as a solvent in making synthetic fibers.

The ECHA said 10 have been added to the list "based on their hazard properties, volumes used, and use related potential for exposure to humans."

The final decision about whether the substances will be on the list and the sunset dates will be made by the European Commission in collaboration with member states and the European Parliament.


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