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Huntsman Award Alfa Chemicals Distributing SUPRASEC MDI in UK and Ireland
Updated: 2013-02-28 10:05 Source: PUWORLD share:

Huntsman has appointed ALFA Chemicals Limited to be the distributor for packed sales of its SUPRASEC® MDI and MDI-based prepolymers for the ACE markets in UK and Ireland.

With effect from 1st February 2013 the polyurethanes division of Huntsman has appointed ALFA Chemicals Limited to be the distributor for packed sales of its SUPRASEC® MDI and MDI-based prepolymers for the Adhesives Coatings and Elastomers  markets

Huntsman  is one of the world’s leading producers of diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI). The range includes the grades of polymeric, pure MDI, low and mid- functionality blended MDI as well as a range of prepolymers. Due to the high performance nature of the material, SUPRASEC® MDI prepolymers can be found in a wide range of sectors from wood to aircraft, textile/leather, plastics, marine/offshore, electrical, furniture, aircraft, automotive and construction to name but a few. The versatility of SUPRASEC® MDI prepolymers enables it to be the perfect material for developing new products or meeting specific customer requirements. Due to its cost effectiveness, ease of use and physical properties, it is an ideal product for use in adhesive, coating and elastomer applications.


Industrial Floor Coatings

The Industrial flooring market demands lasting protection together with visually appealing, physical and safety functions. SUPRASEC® MDI prepolymers have the versatility to meet the coating needs for a multitude of floors, from power plants to TV studios. SUPRASEC® MDI prepolymers  will protect industrial floors and increase their life cycle.

Suitable grades: SUPRASEC® 2651 and SUPRASEC® 2647

Polyurea Spray Coatings

At the cutting-edge of coatings, Polyurea technology uses JEFFAMINE® polyetheramines with aromatic SUPRASEC® isocyanates. Due to the instant and high performance nature of the coating, there are numerous innovative applications. Polyurea coatings based on SUPRASEC® MDI have many advantages over their traditional counterparts, these include:

•    Fast Cure

•    Increase water Insensitivity

•    100% Solids

•    Excellent Physical properties

•    Thermal Stability

•    Pigment Compatible

•    Formulation Flexibility

•    Reinforcible

Suitable grades: SUPRASEC® 2054, SUPRASEC® 2008

Used with: Jeffamine D-2000, Jeffamine D-400 & Jeffamine T-5000

Polyurethane Spray Coatings

The cost to performance ratio, toughness and high elasticity of polyurethane spray coatings make SUPRASEC® MDI –based, solvent free formulations suitable for tank coatings, bridges, flat roof repair applications to name but a few. SUPRASEC® MDI versatility aids in providing a high curing speed, high liquidity and application in lower temperatures.


Cold Cast Elastomers

Cold cast polyurethane elastomers using SUPRASEC® MDI can be processed and cured at room temperature. This gives a wide range of applications including soft elastomers, foams providing moisture management, polyurethane gels, concrete moulds, high hysteresis foams, rubber replacement and wheels. The key benefits of using SUPRASEC® MDI are:

•    Compact or foamed at various densities

•    Resistant to hydrolysis and Micro-biological attack

•    Antistatic

•    Transparent

•    High elasticity

•    High  hysteresis moisture management

•    One system with a wide range of hardness

•    Elastomeric properties at low temperature

Suitable grades: SUPRASEC® Prepolymers and low functionality liquid grades

Hot & Warm Cast Elastomers

Hot & Warm cast polyurethane elastomers using SUPRASEC® MDI  provide a broad range of applications including concrete moulds, paper rolls, high and low hysteresis foams, wheels and castors. The key benefits of using SUPRASEC® MDI are:

•    Excellent mechanical properties

•    Good adhesion

•    High chemical versatility

•    Low energy consumption

•    EH&S friendly

•    Ease of processing

•    Versatile

•    Good low temperature capability

•    Chemical resistance

•    Moisture resistance

•    Abrasion resistance

•    High elastic elastomer

Suitable grades: SUPRASEC® Prepolymers and low functionality liquid grades


Wood Adhesives

Polyurethane adhesive products (either one or two component) using SUPRASEC® MDI are well known for their strength and versatility for wood adhesive applications. SUPRASEC® MDI creates a polyurethane adhesive that is tough yet elastic that has the ability to flex with the substrate to account for movement, expansion and contraction, vital qualities for application onto wood. SUPRASEC® MDI creates adhesives that create long lasting bonds with materials such as concrete, plastic, metal and wood, which makes SUPRASEC® MDI suitable for use in the majority of construction industry as well as adding value to niche industries, such as the marine sector. SUPRASEC® MDI offers a range of advantages including:

•    Strong bonding

•    Excellent ageing properties

•    Adaptable curing speeds

•    Good wetting

•    Uniform penetration

•    Good reactivity with natural occurring water within the wood

Suitable grades: SUPRASEC® 2144, SUPRASEC® 2244 & SUPRASEC® 2944

Reactive Hot Melts

One component systems using SUPRASEC® MDI provide fast initial strength build up with excellent mechanical properties, even at high temperatures. SUPRASEC® MDI  hot melts can be applied at intermediate temperatures making SUPRASEC® MDI suitable for use in bookbinding, packaging, automotive, woodworking and construction industries. Moisture curable hot melts, using SUPRASEC® MDI, epitomise a class of high performance adhesives. Enabling the end user to achieve fast processing of the laminated parts as well as enhancing the resistance against the environment due to the ability of the liquid reactive system to crosslink.

Industrial Adhesives.

Two component polyurethane adhesives using SUPRASEC® MDI are suitable for many adhesive applications in construction and transportation (especially in lamination). Because they cure using two components they can be used to bond moisture impermeable substrates such as plastic-plastic and plastic-metal. The advantages of using SUPRASEC® MDI are:

•    Fast cure speeds, suitable for assembly lines where no heat can be applied

•    Thick glue lines

•    No foam interference

•    Versatility with the formulation

•    Can be FDA approved

•    Excellent physical and mechanical properties.


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