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BASF shows fridge of the future at Chinaplas 2013
Updated: 2013-03-07 15:24 Source: PUWORLD share:

Ø  coolpure 1.1 fridge combines design, functionality and sustainability

Ø  concept fridge exploits uses of polyurethane materials beyond insulation

Ø  BASF at Chinaplas 2013: China Import and Export Fair Complex, Hall 11.2, booth A41, Guangzhou, China, May 20-23, 2013

Guangzhou, China –March 7, 2013 –BASF will showcase the advancedand innovative concept fridge – coolpure 1.1 – during Chinaplas 2013. The coolpure 1.1concept fridge combines innovative materials and functionality with zeitgeist and the use of sustainable materials, giving new impetus for appliance industries. The concept fridge is made of 10 different polyurethane materials that demonstratethe products‘ versatility and diverse fields of application. Transcending the bounds of pure insulation, coolpure 1.1will help inspire refrigerator manufacturers to develop new approaches.

For a video of the concept fridge, please visit:


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