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Bayer polyurethane makes hair shiny, repairs split end
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Leverkusen, April 2013 – At In-Cosmetics 2013, Bayer MaterialScience will introduce raw material solutions for effective yet gentle hair care and styling, based on its Baycusan® line. These raw materials are used for manufacturing “leave-in” products, which are applied to the hair after washing and not rinsed out. Using these products helps serve current trends that require a combination of conditioning and styling benefits.

Shiny, flexible and healthy hair is an expression of beauty and self-confidence. But reality can often be very different: weathering influences, frequent fashionable hairstyle changes, blow-drying, straightening and frequent combing all leave their mark on hair. These effects are compounded by age-related changes in hair, which is a significant issue as life expectancies rise worldwide. 

Conditioning products formulated with Baycusan® C 1008 waterborne polyurethane dispersions give hair increased elastic and natural hold. They also repair split ends, protect hair against heat, and significantly enhance shine. “Regular treatment with leave-in products based on these raw materials helps damaged hair quickly regain an attractive shine and manageability, making it easier to comb through,” explains Dr. Paula Rodrigues, global head of Cosmetic Raw Materials at Bayer MaterialScience.

Another advantage of Baycusan® C 1008 dispersion is its anti-frizz properties, which last for up to 24 hours, even in 90 percent humidity. In leave-in conditioners, silicone oil is often used to achieve this effect. However, Baycusan® dispersions also enable silicone oil-free formulations to form a protective film on the hair fibers. The film’s non-greasy texture gives hair a flexible feel and breathtaking shine. 

This film former also is suitable for sprays, gels and styling creams that help shape hair and give it lasting hold. Bayer MaterialScience previously introduced a line of guide formulations for these products at In-Cosmetics 2012. 

A healthy appearance despite extreme heat exposure
A sister product, Baycusan® C 1001 dispersion, is designed for formulating highly effective conditioning products that give hair a natural shine and healthy appearance. With it, unruly hair is easier to comb and has a flexible feel. A comb or brush glides much more smoothly through the hair treated with these products than hair treated with conventional conditioners based on acrylate copolymers. And, hair treated with Baycusan® C 1001 based products acquires a remarkable shine. 

“We observe this extremely glossy look especially after hair has been smoothed with a straightening iron. The heat intensifies the shine,” says Dr. Sophie Viala, who is responsible for the technical development of cosmetic raw materials at Bayer MaterialScience. “Therefore, Baycusan® C 1001 is also ideal for very frizzy hair which is often tamed with a straightening iron. All the more reason for Bayer to offer raw materials for better hair care products for these styling conditions.” Despite the high heat, the product does not leave any residue in the hair. It forms a uniform film on the hair surface that can be easily removed, leaving hair residue-free. 


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