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Huntsman develops new matt TPU for wire & cable market
Updated: 2013-04-19 09:05 Source: PUWORLD share:

Huntsman Polyurethanes has become the first major provider of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to offer a non-blooming, matt, polyester-based solution to the wire and cable market. IROGRAN® A 85 C 5024 DP is an innovative new material that eliminates the risk of blooming – an undesirable effect that occurs when additives migrate to the surface of a material and become visible. Although blooming does not affect the mechanical performance of cables, it is unsightly and is an issue that cable manufacturers around the world are keen to resolve. This is a halogen-free, polyester-based TPU that offers a consistent matt finish and stable extrusion qualities. Exceptionally easy to process the product is well suited to wire and cable applications such as jacketing, spiral and data cables.

Henry Yao, Market Development Manager for Greater China at Huntsman Polyurethanes, said: “IROGRAN® A 85 C 5024 DP is an important addition to our wire and cable portfolio. There are other matt technologies available on the market but this is unique in terms of the formulation and its non-blooming properties.”


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