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Force Majeure at Radici's Adipic Acid Plant in Zeitz, Germany
Updated: 2013-06-18 13:51 Source: PUWORLD share:

Radici declared Force Majeure on adipic acid from its 93ktes/yr plant in Zeitz, Germany.

This measure was precipitated by the massive flooding which has submerged many areas in East Germany over the last week. 

According to the company the Zeitz plant itself has not been harmed and the justification for the FM declaration relates predominantly to the supply of raw materials to the plant.  The Zeitz plant produces adipic acid from phenol, which is supplied by rail.  The flooding has caused a local bridge to collapse and made the usual rail line inoperable.  The Zeitz plant continues to operate to the extent it can with the feedstock available, and Radici is actively exploring alternative inbound logistics options.

In spite of these difficulties, Radici has informed customers that it intends to meet 100% of its sales commitments, using a combination of the reduced supply from Zeitz and material from its other adipic acid plant in Novara, Italy.

Further analysis of this development will be made in the next edition of PCI’s Nylon Intermediates & Fibres Report, which will be issued on 20th June 2013. 


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