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Russian synthetic rubber maker opens sales office in Moscow, selling polyurethane
Updated: 2013-09-03 08:46 Source: PUWORLD share:

Russian petrochemicals giant and synthetic rubber producer Sibur has opened a sales office in Moscow in a bid to improve service to its customers and to increase the level of sales in Russia's central federal district.

"The new office will sell Sibur's polyurethane production both to large industrial consumers and small and medium customers, according to a company spokesperson.

The opening of the new office in the Russian capital will have strategic importance for the company. So far Sibur has only sold its production to large industrial customers. The setting of a new Moscow-based sales office will allow Sibur to expand partnerships with small and medium customers, and in general will make it easier to order polyurethane products from the company, the company claims.

"This step is being taken in accordance with Sibur`s strategy of development, which aims to see the company working in cooperation with end processors in all regions. This strategy lets Sibur ensure timely response to the clients' needs and will promote high-quality services," the spokesperson said.

Since the start of the year, the company has launched several representative offices in different parts of Russia in a bid to expand its presence in the European and Asian regions of the country.


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