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K-polyurethane screen panels help Harsco Metals screen slag better
Updated: 2013-09-09 09:04 Source: PUWORLD share:

Harsco Metals installed K-polyurethane screen panels from Kinder & Co at their Laverton facility to screen slag more effectively.

Harsco Metals turns waste products into new sources of revenue at their Laverton premises bordering a steel refinery, where slag - once considered a useless by-product of the steel-making process - is crushed and screened for numerous future applications.

However, Harsco was experiencing problems in their screening operations with their traditional woven metal wire screens pegging and binding across the cross wires, resulting in totally blocked screens that would need to be thoroughly washed down, often taking up to two hours every day. 

Kinder & Co recommended their K-polyurethane screen panels to Harsco because polyurethane has superior low-friction properties compared to metal wire, making it much more slippery, which allows the slag to be screened much more effectively. 

After trialling K-polyurethane screen panels, Harsco has observed significant improvement in the screening process, achieving 80% more product throughput while there has been a reduction in the cleaning process, which now takes only 10 minutes because the slag doesn’t adhere to the polyurethane. The Harsco site team plans to install the polyurethane screen panels at all of their metal recycling plants in the next few months.


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