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The 5th China (Shanghai) International Synthetic Leather Expo
Updated: 2013-12-02 13:25 Source: PUWORLD share:

        Date: April 8-10, 2014

  Country: Shanghai, China

  Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

  Organizer: China Plastics Processing Industry Association (CPPIA)

  China Plastics Processing Industry Association Synthetic Leather committee

  Beijing Kingforit Co., Ltd

  China No.1 Synthetic Leather Expo

  More than 200 firms in synthetic leather industry and upstream and downstream will attend the exhibition with their new products; the committee will also provide exclusive service to the

buyers, in order to improve the effectiveness of the expo and interactivity between the buyers and sellers. Last edition the number of the foreign visitors are +1000, come from Pakistan, India,

Sweden, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Turkey, the United States, Italy, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Germany, Britain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Armenia, Fried, Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil,

Finland, Armenia, Brazil etc.

  Waterborne PU resin & Waterborne Ecological Synthetic Leather Special Pavilion

  Transformation and upgrading in synthetic leather industry is particularly important in our country now! In 2011, China becomes the first one to adopt Waterborne Ecological Synthetic Leather produce line; this indicates that China’s synthetic leather industry has entered a new era. The special pavilion will show at The 5th China (Shanghai) International Synthetic Leather Expo

  Exhibit Products:

Synthetic leather: TPU/PVC/PU synthetic leather, flocked leather, microfiber leather and so on which includes all kinds of bag leather, shoes leather, sofa leather, garment leather, brand

leather, decoration leather ,car seating &decoration leather, yacht leather, fitness equipment leather, floor leather, toy leather, stationery &documents leather, ball leather and other related


Raw material: polyvinyl resin, polyurethane resin &waterborne resin, waterborne adhesive, PU agent, solvent, colorant, addictives, backing fabric, release paper and so on;

Equipments: leather rub machine, printer, surface treatment machine, embossed machine, measurement machine, leather laser &carve machine, patching machine, glazing machine, dry-rub
&water-rub machine, foaming stove, synthetic leather machine, testing machine, DMF waste water &exhaust gas recovery equipment, VOC test equipment and so on.

  Visitor profile:

  1. Manufactures of shoes, bags and luggage, garments, sports, furniture, wall leather etc.

  2. Chemicals manufactures, leather chemicals; textile chemicals; leather finishing chemicals; paint chemicals; paper release etc

  3. Machines of synthetic leather industry, such as chemical machine, leather machine etc.

  Benefit policy:

  9% discount for companies who had attended previous edition of China International Synthetic Leather expo;

  9% discount for companies who had put advertisement on China International Synthetic Leather expo website;

  9% discount for companies who can pay the total booth fee before 31th December,2013;

  9% discount for members of committee China plastics processing industry association synthetic leather.

  (Note: the one can’t enjoy the four policies at the same time)

  Years with hearts

  Comprehensive planning organize buyers to make a deal in the exhibition

  Policy support with forming a complete set

  1.Committee will provide the oversea buyers (the top 100) three days free board and lodging who have registered on line, so that the buyers can have enough time to visit an purchase.

  2.During the expo there will be free bus for visitors at Yiwu Nanxia leather professional market、Yiwu business and trade building leather accessory block、Shanghai Gulong Road and Penglai Road leather professional market.

  3. Committee will offer the buyers (1000 professional buyers) +1000RMB on the scene who has signed the agreement with the exhibitors and resisted on line in advance.


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