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Blowing Agents & Foaming Processes 2014
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Smithers-Rapra is pleased to announce the International Blowing Agents and Foaming Processes Conference, to be held May 13-14 2014, Vienna.

Now in its 16th year, this conference is the longest and most successful running event on this subject, it is firmly established as the premier event for those involved in the polymeric foam market.

Blowing Agents & Foaming Processes 2014 will bring together processors, materials suppliers, academicsand end-users to discuss latest developments and findings in this area.

In the world of increasing oil and other resources price hikes, foaming can help to level the rising costs, but this highly competitive market requires collaboration and innovation throughout the supply chain, to ensure we remain at the front line of technological development.

Blowing Agents & Foaming Processes 2014 is a prime opportunity to engage with those involved in themanufacture of blowing agents, foam insulation and packaging, foam extrusion, injection moulding andequipment manufacture.

As end-users demand weight reduction, better moulding by higher flow length and sink-free injection moulding, in addition to using foaming as an instrument to lower processing pressure, material saving and warpage avoidance, it has never been more important to be a part of this international event” said Dieter P. K. Scholz, Process Engineer and Consultant Polymer Processing and Additives.

This conference consistently attracts high profile international participants from industry, academia and research institutes and offers the unique opportunity to present your developments, products and processes to an influential and informed audience.

We are currently inviting speakers for this event so, if this is your area of expertise, please consider submitting a paper.

Papers are the following topics will be especially welcome:

  • Biodegradable Foam Substrates
  • Blowing agents and gases
  • Case studies
  • Chemical and physical foaming
  • Economical and market aspects
  • Foam industries and legislation
  • Industry and environmental issues
  • Latest material and process advances
  • Microcellular- and Nanofoam-Technology
  • New technologies in applications
  • Particle Foams
  • Processing (foam extrusion, injection moulding and other processes)
  • Weight saving aspects (foams in automotive, packaging & transport)


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