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Bäumer launches a range of new cutting software and equipment
Updated: 2014-01-22 08:59 Source: PUWORLD share:

The Freudenberg-based German cutting equipment manufacturer Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG has upgraded its WinCap programming software for CNC cutting programmes, offering a wide range of improvements and innovations.

The new WinCap 3.0 software provides greater functionality and an updated design with a host of new features, including:

  1. A new multifunction toolbar, that allows users the ability to improve the usability of Wincap by customisation.
  2. The currently selected cutting pattern can now be displayed in a preview panel.
  3. Specified function calls and hot keys reduce the number of clicks to activate a programme.
  4. The new software can create personalised toolboxes, select individual colours in the drawing editor, and ensure faster work processes.
  5. The new WinCap 3.0 version allows CAD file imports in dxf, dwg and other external file formats.
  6. The new software includes the option to implement languages in multibyte character encoding, including Arabic and Chinese.
  7. Depending upon the user requirements, the software offers various levels of manual nesting in addition to the automatic version.
  8. A photo can be loaded as background of the graphical editor, allowing the contour to be drawn in similar to digitising.


BSM splitting machines offer more performance

The Bäumer portfolio of horizontal splitting machines covers a wide range of requirements, from splitting flexible materials such as latex or foam rubber to materials that are more challenging to split, such as rubber rebond foam and neoprene. A new generation of the popular BSM horizontal splitting machine has been launched offering a broader processing range, greater flexibility, and ease of use. The new features include a motor driven angle adjustment allowing the processor to cut different thicknesses more efficiently, faster and with greater process safely. The equipment includes a more sturdy knife, measuring 60 x 1 mm which is more durable, therefore requiring fewer knife changes. Five motor adjusted retainers provide optimum cutting quality. The work table is equipped with a reinforced vacuum with six vacuum fans, so that the material on the worktable is held more securely. The reinforced table also allows heavier materials to be processed, thereby increasing the equipment’s processing range. The knurled press cylinder offers more grip and friction to make splitting easier too.

 ROK roll compression system now available for rectangular blocks

The ROK roll compression system can be used for rolls up to 2,500 mm making it possible to quickly and efficiently compress and simultaneously package rectangular blocks as well as rolls. The equipment can also be used for crushing material. The roll or block can have its volume reduced by up to 900 mm before the material is automatically packaged in foil. The ROK is still available for roll widths of 2,200 mm or 2,500 mm and for roll diameters of 400 – 2,000 mm or 2,500 mm. In addition, the ROK can also be equipped with a low-wear link conveyor instead of the standard PVC conveyor. The equipment can be equipped with a lift for the foil rolls and a pillar crane for loading and unloading. A welding unit can be added as an optional unit to create a continuous packaging process because it automatically connects the foil of the packaging rolls. Another new option is a height adjustable loading conveyor for comfortable and efficient work flow.


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