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JCI delivers next generation chiller technology to Singapore for increased building efficiency
Updated: 2014-01-27 09:04 Source: PUWORLD share:

Johnson Controls, a global multi-industrial company with established core businesses in the automotive, building and energy storage industries, continues to lead the global chiller market with the introduction of the YORK® Magnetic Centrifugal Chiller (YMC2) to Singapore. Integrating YORK chiller innovations with magnetic-bearing technology, YMC2 helps customers achieve superior efficiency, reliability and sound performance.

Initially developed for naval applications, the magnetic-bearing technology has been applied in more than 115 critical naval installations globally, including nuclear submarines. The technology is now featured in the YMC2 chiller and available to commercial and industrial customers in Singapore. The YMC2 chiller is suitable for application in high performance facilities such as healthcare, education and sound sensitive buildings where energy-efficiency, high reliability and noise control are demanded.

“Driven by the Government’s push to green 80 percent of all buildings by 2030, building owners and facility managers in Singapore will increasingly need proven, reliable HVAC systems and solutions that will help them achieve their energy efficiency and green building targets,” said Michael Anderton, Managing Director, Building Efficiency, Johnson Controls Singapore.

By leveraging the use of a magnetic field, the magnetic-bearing technology eliminates mechanical contact. As a result, YMCchiller offers customers the following key benefits:

  • Improved Efficiency – The YMC² chiller is 10 percent more efficient than conventional, variable-speed chillers. This is also attributable to trusted YORK features such as the industry-leading OptiSpeed™ variable-speed drive and optimized centrifugal compressor.
  • High Reliability – Fewer moving parts mean less servicing and a longer motor life. The magnetic-bearing technology reduces friction, while eliminating the need for traditional lubrication systems. This helps to increase reliability and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Reduced Noise – Operating at a maximum of 73 dBA, the YMC² chiller is quieter than any water-cooled centrifugal or screw chiller on the market. Reduced driveline vibration coupled with the YORK OptiSound™ control further helps to ensure ultra-quiet operation.

To date, Johnson Controls has installed the YMCchillers in several hundred facilities worldwide, and more than 10 chillers have been installed in Singapore across a range of educational, healthcare and retail facilities, including PoMo, a mixed-use mall. As the integrated building solution provider, Johnson Controls performed a detailed gap analysis, and implemented a holistic slew of improvements including replacing aging chillers with three units of YMC2, thus enabling PoMo to achieve Green Mark Platinum Award.

In Singapore, Johnson Controls products, services or solutions can be found in almost 40 percent of commercial and industrial buildings. With expertise in Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV), controls and advanced integrated building technologies, solutions and services, Johnson Controls has helped public and private organizations optimize operational and energy efficiency in buildings and facilities.


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