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Anti-dumping Measures against BDO Expires
Updated: 2014-12-25 15:34 Source: PUWORLD share:

Anti-dumping Measures against BDO Expires

PUWORLD (2014-12-25) – “The anti-dumping measures against BDO, which has already lasted for 5 years is drawing to a close, according to the announcement made by The Commerce Department on December 10, 2014. Anti-dumping duties for import BDO goods originating in Arab and Taiwan, China will be terminated, effective on December 25, which will surely cause a negative impact on the sluggish domestic market and it is likely to see continuous decline trend in current BDO market.” Lijun, the general manager of Shandong Petrochemical Trade Group said.

Domestic BDO capacity will reach 1.749 million tons in total in 2014 with effective capacity at 1.4 million tons. However, it only hit at a little bit than 400,000 tons in 2009 while during the period of time in 2012-2014 it once achieved a significant annual growth of 66%.

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