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YPC: Innovation in Recycling Ethylene
Updated: 2015-01-14 16:37 Source: PUWORLD share:

PUWORLD(2015-01-14): Glycol device which takes membrane separation method to recycle ethylene of Yangzi Petrochemical Company has successfully put into operation, which not only recycles  part of discharged ethylene efficiently, but also protects the environment. Annual recycled ethylene amounts to 800 tons, saving more than 6 million CNY for the company.

In above process, ethylene is partly let out along with recycled gas with a concentration of 27%. Yangzi Petrochemical Company learned domestic and foreign advanced known-how and cooperated with famous companies to further decrease material consumption and recycle ethylene as well as increase economical efficiency of units. Ethylene can be departed from mixed gas in advance by membrane. This method can ensure safety, environmental protection and energy saving. Recycle ratio of ethylene is above 80%.

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