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Shell declares force Majeure in Bukom
Updated: 2015-12-08 13:10 Source: Market Report Company share:

Shell has declared force majeure on base chemical products, effective 1 Dec., due to "a technical issue with the ethylene cracker complex" at Pulau Bukom, Singapore, as per Apic-online.

Shell recently finished its "largest-ever petrochemicals investment," increasing olefins and aromatics capacity on Bukom "by more than 20%".

Prior to that investment, the company said the complex had the capacity to produce 800,000 t/y of ethylene, 450,000 t/y of propylene, 155,000 t/y of butadiene and 230,000 t/y of benzene.  A Shell spokeswoman confirmed to PCN the cracker now has over 1-million t/y of ethylene capacity.

Shell said its manufacturing and supply chain teams are working to resume normal operations and supply as soon as possible.

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