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Dow starts new PDH unit in Texas
Updated: 2015-12-28 13:08 Source: Market Report Company share:

US-based Dow Chemical Company has begun commercial operations at a new propane dehydrogenation unit (PDH) located in Texas, according to TPS with reference to the company's announcement.

Dow's PDH facility at Oyster Creek in Freeport, Texas, uses local shale gas as a feedstock to produce propylene.

The PDH facility, which uses Honeywell UOP technology, is able to produce 750,000 mt/year of propylene, and is the largest its kind in the world, according to Dow.

"Our investments in ethylene and propylene integration significantly reduce third-party purchases and improve the raw material costs to Dow's derivatives businesses," said James R. Fitterling, Dow's vice chairman and chief operating officer.

"Our Gulf Coast investments will serve as a base for long-term growth while further bolstering our market competitiveness and improving our structural feedstock hedge," he added.

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