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BASF new office complex a PU flooring showcase
Updated: 2015-12-30 13:02 Source: Utech-polyurethane share:

BASF’s new HQ site office building has used to company’s own PU solutions to fulfil its flooring needs.

The PU concrete Ucrete accounts for 1,400 m² of the building’s flooring, chosen, said BASF, for areas subject to particularly heavy wear, such as work, storage and plant rooms.

Around 2,700 m² of corridors and storage rooms were coated with the firm’s MasterTop 1324 a polyurethane system BASF describes as “particularly durable.”

The epoxy resin system MasterTop 1273 S covers plant room floors and the elastic PU floor coating MasterTop 1325 features in the break room.

The MasterTop systems are low-emission, said BASF.

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