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PolyOne adds copolyester sheet product
Updated: 2016-01-05 09:53 Source: Plastics News share:

PolyOne Corp. has extended its plastic sheet product line to include a tough copolyester thermoplastic.

PolyOne says its new UltrTuf SG sheet is based on Eastman Chemical Co.’s Tritan resin.

UltraTuf boasts weather resistance, toughness and ease of fabrication in thermoforming applications.

“This material solution offers exceptional thermoformed detail, improved material distribution, short heating and cooling cycles, and no pre-drying under normal conditions, enabling sign manufacturers to save on energy, labor and production costs,” explains PolyOne marketing director for custom engineered solutions Kendall Justiniano.

The sheet also features high heat resistance and its clarity and ease of fabrication promote design freedom according to the Avon Lake, Ohio, company.

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