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Evonik opens new plant in Yokkaichi, Japan
Updated: 2016-01-13 09:50 Source: Market Report Company share:

NIPPON AEROSIL CO., LTD. (NAC) opened a new plant for Surface Modified AEROSIL in Yokkaichi, Japan on October 15, 2015 with an inauguration ceremony, as per cxompany's press release.

NAC is a joint venture between Evonik Industries and Mitsubishi Materials and is an important part of Evonik’s global silica production network.

Dr. Michael Doludda, President of NAC., commented during the press conference which was held before the ceremony: "Our product’s performance is extremely important for many applications, so that an uninterrupted supply to our customers is of the utmost importance." In his speech he also explained some of the major advantages Japan, as an industrial country, provides: "willingness of customers for technological advancements and preparedness for co-developments; a very skilled work force and focus on details. Moreover, its strive for technological excellence is providing NAC a unique environment enabling the development of new products with very specific properties – which is of high importance for NAC’s success in the market."

The whole project included a new office building and multiple improvements of structural stability for several production buildings – besides a new Surface Modified AEROSIL plant. The completion of the new plant represents the final milestone of this project.

The project will improve substantially the safety of the employees as well as the general disaster preparedness. Additionally the capacity expansion will benefit our customers by better product availability and shorter lead times for the product supply.

The production plant in Yokkaichi is Evonik Industries largest fumed silica plant in Asia and one of the largest specialty fumed silica plants in the world.

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