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Arkema introduces new bio-based polyamide coating powders grade for outdoor furniture
Updated: 2016-01-27 11:09 Source: Market Report Company share:

Arkema a France-based chemical manufacturer has introduced new fine powders grade for outdoor furniture, said the producer on its site.

Thus, the Rilsan fine powders product line has expanded its range of bio-based polyamide coating powders for the outdoor furniture market.

Along with Rilsan T Grey 9102 MAC and Rilsan ES 9132 MAC, Arkema now offers two grey-colored (RAL 7021) grades designed for fluidized bed dipping and electrostatic spraying.

These two grades were formulated to offer outstanding UV-resistance, while keeping core properties brought by Rilsan fine powders PA11 coatings. These properties include: long-term resistance to extreme maritime and industrial environments, anti-graffiti properties, fire resistance, electrical insulation, chemical resistance.

Outstanding mechanical properties are also inherited, which include impact resistance, flexibility, abrasion resistance, a unique grip, and warm-to-the-touch feel.

As a thermoplastic powder for coatings, Rilsan fine powders offer an exceptional choice in processing methods, which allows coating complex parts with various geometries.

Combining beauty and function, Rilsan polyamide 11 coatings offer a solution for the most demanding applications. The Rilsan® brand has become the reference for industries looking for the ultimate solution in metal protection, such as automotive, oil and gas, and fluid transfer.

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