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Evonik started construction of silicone production in Shanghai
Updated: 2016-03-24 10:23 Source: Market Report Company share:

Evonik has started the construction of a production facility for organically modified specialty silicones in Shanghai (China), said the company on its site.

The project is part of a global investment initiative. A first expanded production plant became operational in Essen in late 2014. The new facility is being constructed at the Multi-User-Site (MUSC) in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, with completion planned for mid of 2017. The investment volume is in the high double-digit million euro range.

Specialty silicones offer a wide range of applications for numerous industries. For example, as additives for plastics, specialty silicones are responsible for comfortable furniture, car seats and ergonomic mattresses. They also play an important role within the formulation of insulation material for building insulation and guarantee of the highest energy efficiency of refrigerators. Other areas of application are defoaming agents, used in industries like construction, textile or plastics. Furthermore, specialty silicones are used in coatings and inks. Markets for specialty silicones have grown substantially over the past years.

Evonik is a globally leading solutions provider in the area of organically modified specialty silicones. The Group’s global production facilities, research and development centers, and local application laboratories offer technical advisement, customized products and local on-site service to customers.

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