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BASF introduces Kollicoat® MAE 100-55
Updated: 2016-04-06 10:37 Source: BASF Global share:

BASF is introducing Kollicoat® MAE 100-55 at the 10th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceuticals and Pharmaceutical Technology (PBP) in Glasgow, United Kingdom, from April 4 – 7, 2016.

Kollicoat® MAE 100-55 is the latest addition in BASF’s comprehensive portfolio of functional excipients for Instant & Modified Release. As a new reliable source for this type of coating polymer, Kollicoat® MAE 100-55 can directly replace comparable pH >5.5 enteric release materials in commercial formulations. As it matches the release profile and complies with applicable regulatory monographs, Kollicoat® MAE 100-55 can be used today without re-registration.

Moreover, the superior size of the dried powder particles delivers dust free handling, thus making operations easy, efficient and clean. Beyond its advantages in handling, Kollicoat® MAE 100-55 provides equivalent drug release as existing com­parable products in the market.

“Kollicoat® MAE 100-55 extends our offer of pH >5.5 enteric release coatings based on methacrylic acid-ethylacrylate copolymer, providing pharmaceutical manufacturers more flexibility and supply security,” says Kai Sievert, Head of Global Marketing Pharma Solutions at BASF.

With its expertise in polymer chemistry, its research & development capabilities around the globe and the company’s clear commitment to developing pharmaceutical excipients, BASF continuously creates solutions to overcome formulation challenges related to Instant & Modified Release, Solubilization, Softgels and Skin Delivery.

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