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DSM’s Stanyl® Diablo adopted in first high-volume, high-heat plastic AIM/CAC combination
Updated: 2016-10-09 16:08 Source: DSM share:

Royal DSM, the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company, has collaborated with Tier One automotive supplier Mahle GmbH to develop the world’s first high-volume use of high-heat plastic in an air intake manifold (AIM) that integrates a water-cooled charge air cooler (CAC).

Using DSM’s high temperature resistance polyamide 46, Stanyl® Diablo OCD 2100, Germany-based Mahle is producing the first high-volume application of high-heat plastic AIM/CAC combination for use in BMW’s B48 engine. BMW uses the B48 engine in several different car models.

DSM delivers a wide range of materials options

DSM offers a complete portfolio of high-performance materials for air intake manifolds whether they have an air-to-air CAC or an integrated, liquid-cooled CAC. This includes Akulon® polyamide 6, Akulon Diablo polyamide 66, Stanyl and Stanyl Diablo polyamide 46. DSM engineered its Diablo technology specifically for continuous-use temperatures up to 230°C. The new Stanyl Diablo HDT2700 further offers a best-in-class heat deflection temperature (HDT) under load even beyond existing Stanyl Diablo grades.

Meet the new Akulon Diablo polyamide 66

DSM’s new Akulon Diablo HDT2500 withstands a 220°C continuous-use temperature and has aheat deflection temperature (HDT) of 240°C. Akulon Diablo fills the gap between Akulon PA6, Akulon PA66/6 and Stanyl Diablo by combining long-term heat-aging performance and mechanical properties.


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