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Annual Briefing of 2016 China Polyurethane TPU Industry Chain (Part II)
Updated: 2017-06-28 13:18 Source: PUWORLD Exclusives share:

Disclaimer: This research report is written by Orisage Consulting - Global Polyurethane Net ( Information contained in this research report is provided just for reference. This report is prepared on the basis of international and industrial prevailing standards and such information is obtained from legal channels to ensure that the information is reliable, accurate and complete. However, we never guarantee the accuracy and completeness of information mentioned in this report. This report cannot be used as basis for investment decisions, or moral, responsible and legal basis or evidence, no matter expressed or implied. Orisage Consulting - Global Polyurethane Net ( will add, correct and revise related information but never guarantee release in time. We never bear any responsibility for any direct or indirect investment gain and loss caused by the information provided in this report. Our company and affiliates August hold stocks issued by the companies mentioned in this paper and trade them, and provide or seek to provide investment bank or financial advisory service.

The copyright of this report is exclusively owned by Orisage Consulting- Global Polyurethane Net ( It is forbidden for any agency and people to pirate, copy or publish it in any format without our written permission. If cited, it is required to indicate the source as Orisage Consulting - Global Polyurethane Net ( And it is not allowed to make any quotation, abridgement or modification contrary to the intent of this report. 


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