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No Optimism in China Polyurethane Rigid Foam Market for Coming Weeks--Daily Update July 5th
Updated: 2017-07-05 17:01 Source: PUWORLD share:

PU World--Up to yesterday, domestic MDI market was stable in general while quotations in South China were seen softening. Signs of current shortage relieving are widely received, and the market by large expects price decrease before long, though traders are still trying to maintain now favorable prices, except for the price dip in South China.

Downstream buyers of polymeric MDI are going through a traditionally low season; on the other hand, as a result of oversupply in pure MDI market, producers are also running at low rates to reduce their expiring inventories, thus offsetting the less than optimistic expectations, and has keep the current price level so far. Trends in the incoming days will depend on further news on supply and imports.

Price-wise, in South China, Wanhua PM200 was heard at around Rmb 23,200-23,400/ton, while 44v20 and M20s were heard at Rmb 23,000-23,200/ton. In East China, Wanhua PM200 was heard at Rmb 23,500-23,800/ton, and M20s at Rmb 23,000-23,200/ton. In North China, Wanhua PM200 was at Rmb 23,500-23,800/ton, M20s at Rmb 23,000-23,200/ton.

Prices of polyether polyols for rigid foam in domestic market are stable today, with a few exceptions of small increases in regional markets. Feedstock PO prices fluctuated in short range while maintaining its upward trend. Current PO cost, at its hefty market prices, is putting significant pressures upon the downstream polyether polyols producers. Given the traditionally low season of rigid foam market, prices of polyether polyols are highly responsive towards PO market prices. Plus the recent strict environmental inspections happening across the country, overall operating rates of polyether polyols producers are in a downward trend. As polyether polyols prices are highly sensitive towards PO prices, it is still early to tell which directions the market will go. It is estimated that rigid foam prices will remain as it is, a small increase is also possible.

Price-wise, up to date, regular rigid foam polyether polyols 4110 were heard at around Rmb 10,000-10,100/ton by cash, with high end drummed goods at around 10,200-10,300/ton, by cash, and low end drummed goods at around 9,600-9,700/ton in East China. In South China, 4110 were heard at around Rmb 9,900-10,000/ton, while high and low end goods were heard respectively at Rmb 10,200/ton and Rmb 9,400-9,500/ton. In North China, polyether polyols for rigid foam were heard at Rmb 10,200/ton, with low end goods at Rmb 9,800-9,900/ton.

July 5th.

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