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Weekly MDI Market Review (July 3, 2017- July 10, 2017)
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Domestic Pure MDI Market Weekly

Domestic pure MDI market moved flat in a price stalemate last week. All units of Wanhua were reported to be operating stably with its Ningbo unit running at a 90% rate. BASF Chongqing unit was in shut down mode in the week.

There are current considerable leaning in market balance, with supply ample and general inventories high up. Demand in PU coatings, spandex was seeing weakening signs, while TPU market was still under fierce discussions.

It is estimated that domestic pure MDI market will experience fluctuation in short range. By last Friday, mainstream quotations for drummed goods in East China were heard at around Rmb 22,200-23,000/ton, and the same in South China.

Domestic Polymeric MDI Market Weekly

Domestic polymeric MDI market fluctuated in limited degrees last week. BASF Chongqing facility suffered another shutdown in the week, after a relatively long period of maintenance in last month. There were still considerable demand in the market, plus reduced overall output, market prices were in an upward trend. List price from Wanhua were the same as last month, although signs of a softening posture were seen in the last week, the combination of the recent shut down of a major plant, demand from downstream is still hot and that other producers are rationing their supply, discussions were loud in market between players on different sides with shocks in spot prices going both directions. Polymeric MDI could still soften in the coming week.

Price wise, by last Friday, Wanhua PM200 were heard in South China to be at around Rmb 24,500/ton, while 44v20 and M20s goods were at Rmb 24,000/ton. In East China, Wanhua PM200 were negotiated at around Rmb 24,400-24,500/ton, and M20s at around 24,000-24,300/ton. In North China, Wanhua PM200 were at around Rmb 24,400-24,500/ton and M20s at Rmb 24,000-24,300/ton.

Domestic MDI-50 Market Weekly

MDI-50 market was seeing warm activities in the past week, with downstream runway binder market at its peak season and overall construction reported to be on the healthy side, and yielding good demand for MDI-500.

Entering into July, quotations by traders were raised by around Rmb 1,000/ton compared with the week before. BASF’s MI goods were mostly for internal consumption or long term contract supply; currently no spot goods were heard available. While quotations from Covestro and Tosoh increased by degrees, respectively at Rmb 26,000/ton and USD 3,100/ton. Market is expected to remain on the positive during this week.

By Last Friday, Wanhua drummed goods were quoted at Rmb 27,200/ton ex work in East China, while in the North, Wanhua’s drummed MDI-50 were at around Rmb 27,200-26,500/ton with duty.

Domestic Liquefied MDI Market Weekly

Domestic liquefied MDI market went thru a slip during last week, with prevalent quotations from July decreasing by around Rmb 1,000/ton. Main cause of decrease seemed to be the market currently entering traditional low season into July, whereas sole resin market performing sluggishly and molding market providing stabilized demand volume and are purchasing as per rigid demand. Market activities for liquefied MDI were quieter than last month, while traders were reporting sales less than satisfactory. Market is expected to continue the weak state in this week.


Wanhua MDI-100LL were listed at Rmb 26,200/ton for July; Covestro’s CD-C bulk goods were listed at fixed 25,000/ton, and BASF MM1003C goods were at fixed 26,000/ton for the month.


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