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Sadara Kicks Off Production at Propylene Glycol Plant
Updated: 2017-07-11 14:59 Source: PUWORLD share:

PU WORLD--Saudi Arabia-based Sadara Chemical Company, the largest chemical complex ever built in a single phase, today (July 10) announced that it has successfully started up its propylene glycol (PG) plant.

PG is a versatile organic compound with a wide range of industrial and consumer applications, including food and flavouring agents, cosmetic products and fragrances, as well as paints and coatings, said a statement from the company.

PG derivatives are also used in the production of other chemicals such as Mono Propylene Glycol, Di Propylene Glycol and Tri Propylene Glycol, it said.

Sadara CEO Ziad Al Labban noted that the company has started up the majority of its 26 plants located in the company’s chemical complex in Jubail Industrial City II.

Al Labban said: “This marks another significant milestone for us, representing the 22nd of our 26 plants to start up.”

Our teams are continuing to push steadily towards full operations. This plant will provide the building blocks for a range of consumer products, which ultimately will be manufactured in the kingdom and will therefore create new jobs for Saudi citizens,” he added.

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