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MOFCOM Spokesman Comments on Recent Initiation of Trade Act Section 301 Investigation by the US
Updated: 2017-08-22 09:53 Source: MOFCOM share:

PU WORLD--On August 15, MOFCOM Spokesman made a statement on the presidential memo signed on August 14.

On August 14 (local time), the US president Donald Trump signed a presidential memo on delegating US trade representative to investigate whether the relevant Chinese law, policy and practice may damage the United States’ intellectual property rights, innovation or technological development unreasonably or discriminatorily.
The 301 System has been opposed by other countries since its launch for its unilateralism feature. The US has promised to international society that it will implement this system within the restraint of the WTO rules. We think the US should keep this promise and do not break multilateral rules.

Since the historic meeting between president Xi Jingping and Donald Trump at Mar-a-lago, China and the US have established four high-level dialogue systems including comprehensive economic dialogue and implemented the 100-Day Action Plan, which has specified the direction of bilateral economic cooperation for the year ahead. The US should value the sound economic and trade relations, and the trade protectionism will certainly damage bilateral trade relations and the interests of enterprises from both sides.

In recent years, China has actively deepened its opening up and strived to provide better investment and operation environment for foreign companies. For example, China revised the Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries multiple times and only 63 restrictive measures are left now. 117 pieces of the articles, or 65%, were cut off compared to the version 2011. China pays high attention to the protection of intellectual property rights by improving legislation and providing better administrative and judicial protection. At the same time, China also actively cooperates and communicates with international community on intellectual property rights. Our progress and achievements have been seen and recognized at home and abroad.

We hope the US trade representative could respect the facts and act prudently. If the US damages the bilateral economic and trade relations by ignoring basic facts and disrespecting multilateral trading rules, we will take all proper actions to safeguard our legitimate rights. 

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