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Wanhua Chemicals’ Great Efforts to Tap into the 3D Printing Consumables Industry
Updated: 2017-09-08 09:22 Source: PUWORLD share:
PU World--3D printing consumables made in Yantai. On October 24, 2016 Shandong Sandi Shikong 3D Technology Co., Ltd., a giant in the 3D printing industry based in Shandong, signed an agreement to develop and deploy raw materials for 3D printing and used consumables and to establish a consumables laboratory in the intelligent manufacturing science and technology industrial park in collaboration with Wanhua Chemicals, a world-wide chemical titan.


3D printing, recognized as One of the Core Technologies for Upgrading in Chinese Manufacturing, will have its share of top technologies in the future global manufacturing. Wanhua and Shandong Sandi Shikong 3D Technology are committed to build a platform for all 3D printing consumables, especially the raw materials including flexiplastics, resin, metal powder and nylon powder, with their advantages integrated.


As a global giant in the chemical industries, Wanhua Chemicals is the only company that owns all independent intellectual property rights of the manufacturing technologies for producing isocyanate based on MDI, TDI and ADI in China. It has professional teams for development of 3D printing consumables, and consumables product lines that cover mainstream 3D printing techniligies. Many TPU products for 3D printing have been developed by Wanhua who is the second largest TPU supplier in the world. The company is becoming the most influential integrated printing consumables service provider.


With total investment of 2.6 billion yuan and registered capital of 800 million yuan, Shandong Sandi Shikong 3D Technology Co.,Ltd. is planned to cover around 2,933 acres, whose construction area is around 250 thousand square meters. In the position closed to the Research Center of Hyundai and General Motors in Yantai Economic Development Area, Additive Manufacturing Industrial Base is mainly for the management and operation of China 3D Intelligent Manufacturing Cloud Service Platform and the construction and development of 3D Printing Park(corporates with Germany).


“Recently in the Development Zone with strong foundation, manufacturing of high-end equipments, including 3D printers, has become one of the emerging industries for concentrated cultivation. For now, a sophisticated industrial system, innovation policies and service environment have been forged. The Zone has earned a proud place in many industries, including 3D biologic printing, robots and low- and high -end autos in Yantai and even in Shandong,” said Liu Hongguang, Director of Investment Promotion Bureau of the Development Zone in Yantai. Cooperation between Shandong Sandi Shikong and Wanhua will be the perfect combination of modern intelligent science and technologies and world advanced chemical industrial techniques, which could mean a new chapter for the 3D printing industry in Yantai. 

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