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Mainstream OEM Plants all Replace TDI With Modified MDI, What are You Waiting for?
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The market of automobile interior using modified MDI

First a steady development trend is showed in the domestic auto industry, in which the overall performance of sedan growth is stable. The overall performance of production and marketing in the first half of this year is weak, while in the second half of this year the major auto enterprises make some efforts. It is estimated that the overall development of the auto industry this year is consistent with the one of last year.

TDI was mostly chosen as isocyanate to produce auto seats in the past, but now more and more auto foam enterprises select and use seats of M / T or T / M or even the whole MDI system. Due to the requirements of high performance, low VOC and light weight of auto seats, an increasingly diversified development trend is presented in the foam for auto seat.

TDI has been mostly consumed in the foam for auto seat. In recent years due to TDI cost, product performance and other factors, more and more auto enterprises choose auto foam seats using the MDI system within this area. For example, Huntsman offers auto seats of the whole MDI system to Japan Takaya, letting the automaker of Mazda apply those seats in Demio(Mazda 2), which is well received in the market.

Chart 1: The isocyanate consumption proportion of auto seats produced by the main OEM plants in 2017 unit:%

From the chart we can see that in recent years MDI has showed an upward trend and might catch up with TDI to have equal shares in the market. Due to better performances and advances in the process optimization of auto seats of modified MDI system, more and more auto seat foam enterprises choose to either purchase modified MDI or buy auto seats using modified MDI in the MDI production process.

The modified MDI consumption of auto seats has exceeded 40% of the MDI consumption, and this proportion is gradually increasing.

Chart 2: The consumption proportion of auto seats using modified MDI unit: %

With the light weight requirement in the automotive dashboard, a large number of low-end cars use methods such as replacing steel with plastic, thinning walls and so on to lower vehicles’ weights and reduce costs. As a result, the rigid polyurethane foam panel is mainly used in middle and high-end cars at the present stage. In general, the market share of rigid foam dashboards accounts for about 30%. Of course, middle and high-end cars have higher demands on product performance, so in the dashboard field modified and polymeric MDI is gradually developing as well. At present, it is still in the promotion stage so its share of market is relatively small. However, because of the grade performance, there will be a better prospect in the later stage.

Note: The definition of auto interior

In general, we define auto dashboards, ceiling mats, side door accessories, etc as auto interior. However, for the reason that the polyurethane consumption is huge in producing auto seats, we also include polyurethane for auto seats into auto interior.

In the field of auto interior, polyurethane is mainly used in four aspects: dashboard, ceiling door filling, seat foam and polyurethane synthetic leather. Due to the modified MDI consumption is quite large in the dashboard and seat foam, the above article highlights the modified MDI market of these two products.


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