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PPG Celebrates 50th Anniversary of PPG DURANAR Coatings at Shanghai Event
Updated: 2017-11-09 10:22 Source: PUWORLD share:

PUWORLD--SHANGHAI, Nov. 8, 2017 – PPG (NYSE: PPG) recentlycelebrated the 50th anniversary of PPG DURANAR® coatings at an event in Shanghai that was attended by more than 100 property owners, designers, consultants, curtain wall manufacturers, painting experts and media representatives.

As one of the industry’s first polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) coatings, PPG Duranar coatings helped revolutionize the architectural industry when introduced in 1967. The coatings enabled architects to specify, for the first time, colorful metal coatings with exceptional chalk- and fade-resistance.PPG was the first coatings supplier to bring PVDF coatings to Asia.

At the celebration, PPG shared the history of PPG Duranar coatings and showcased famous buildings finished with the product, including the Empire State Building in New York, the Louvre Pyramid in Paris and the Shanghai World Financial Center in China. The company also displayed two new products– powder coatings for aluminum and waterborne PVDF coatings. In addition, representatives from curtain wall manufacturers shared their successful collaborations with PPG and exchanged ideas on future trends for the coatings industry.

“More than 50 years of field use have built PPG Duranar coatings’ reputation as the standard of excellence in architectural PVDF finishes and the coating-of-choice for metal building components,” said Tony Wu, PPG general manager, Industrial Coatings, Greater China. “It is PPG’s constant pursuit of quality that has established our leadership in the PVDF coatings industry and enabledour company’s success for more than 130 years.”

Due to their 70 percent PVDF resins formulation, PPG Duranar coatings feature colorful metallic finishes with exceptional resistance to chalking, fading and environmental stresses, including acid rain and ultraviolet exposure. The coating is also known for its high cost performance, outstanding durability, low maintenance costs and wide range of colors. All PPG Duranar coatings exceed the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s AAMA2605 standard, which is the strictest standard for paint performance in the architecturalindustry.

Over the past half-century, PPG Duranar coatings have been specified by renowned architects to protect and enhance some of the world’s most recognized architectural landmarks.In China, the coating can be found on the headquartersof China Central Television in Beijing, the Shanghai Tower, the HSBC Main Building and International Finance Centre in Hong Kong, and many other buildings.

"With rising demand for customization and differentiation inthe curtain wall industry, we are enhancing collaboration with customers to enrich our product portfolio under the PPG Duranar family and create the best solutions for theirneeds," said Mace Ding, PPG coil and extrusion senior business director, Industrial Coatings, China. "PPG Duranar coatings’ metallic finish and extensive spectrum of colors haveinspired architects to create and protect unique landmarks around the world.”

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