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ChinaCoat 2017: Cornerstone of the future city - Water based coating
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Coatings exist everywhere in the world, lightening our life and bringing us visual enjoyment.

With the increasing demand for automotive, marine, aerospace, coil coating, transportation, train coatings and packaging, architectural and industrial coatings will remain the center of the future development; Laws and regulations on air pollution remain the driving force of new coating technology. Environmental coatings, including water-based and high-solids coatings, powders and two-component systems, have become another focus of the industry.

Let’s move to the spot of 2017 Shanghai coating exhibition and witness the magnificence of the new coating.

Never mind the dust on your car.

The automotive industry is increasingly focusing on the water-based coatings. Collision and scratch are inevitable when we use our cars. And no matter how advanced the traditional painting is, the newly painted cars and bumpers and other parts will release something harmful. However, water-based coatings are free of these problems.

In this exhibition, Covestro has showed us the application of two-component waterborne polyurethane coatings in automotive. Firstly, taking cathodic electrophoretic painting or water-based two-component epoxy as primer , then taking water-based two-component polyurethane as themiddle coating next, taking water-based one-component polyurethane metal as base paint, finally add two-component polyurethane as varnish. This makes a glossy car exterior with low fog and excellent leveling property. Compared with the traditional coatings, it is better in water resistance, gasoline resistance and weather ability. The dust can be easily washed away thanks to its stain resistance.

Always a new one to customers

The technology has developed from polyurethane acrylics, acrylics, aclf-crnalinking nrryiic resin to powders, UV and two-component technologies. Both flat paint of the light-colored wood furniture and the gloss paint of the dark wood furniture can pull through any erosion even hand cream in any place of the world. Product Systems developed from solvent-based to waterborne systems, which will bring more eco-friendly furniture to the world.

DSM's unique industrial wood flooring experience and technology could keep water-based coatings consistently perfect in different climates. DSM developed new coatings together with downstream customers to meet the requests of new performance, producing cost, and environmental regulations. DSM also Prevent the wood floor of children's room from years of pollution, chemical corrosion to remain intact as new.

Environmental protection brings better future city

More than a decade ago, the exterior decoration of a building heavily relied on the traditional brick materials that once hit the market for its convenience, cheap price. But nowadays, water-based paintings, especially the application of exterior water-based paintings have greatly improved the coating effect of the building. On the one hand, the upgrading of coating technology and material innovation normalize the large-scale and high-quality construction. On the other hand, mass production and customized production greatly decreased the overall construction cost. Compared with the traditional Building decoration materials, water-based exterior painting have upgraded in both safety or practicality

Ordinary exterior paintings would fade under sunshine and rain, with the continuity of the color severely being challenged by the UV light. But Dow's water-based exterior painting retains original color. Of course, better performance of antifreeze, waterproof, anti-pollution, self-cleaning even shielding durability are pursuits of Dow in the field of water-based paint construction.

The development of water-based painting in the world has attracted people’s attentions. In developed countries like Europe and America, the popularity rate of water-based painting has reached more than 80%. And the water-based industrial painting accounts for 55% of the world's industrial coatings, which is expected to reach more than 75% by 2020.

The water-based painting technology in our country started late without a overall the system. But as foreign-funded enterprises continue to enter the market, domestic researchers continue to make breakthroughs in technology and China's water-based painting marketing share has reached nearly 50% of the painting market.

Nowadays, "energy saving and environmental protection" has become a national policy in encouraging enterprises. Under the guidance of national policies, water-based painting will drive the entire painting industry to a new level and lay a solid foundation for future city.


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